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39. How to Pray for Forgiveness | John Ortberg

March 14, 2024
John Ortberg | Become New
39. How to Pray for Forgiveness | John Ortberg
Show Notes

(also, the power of a sacred wound)

Seeking forgiveness is a lifestyle because no one is perfect. With that in mind, take some time today to walk through the steps below.

  • In a journal, write down an area of your life where you truly need forgiveness.
  • In prayer, begin to invite God into that area. Invite his conviction and forgiveness.
  • With a trusted family member or friend confess, seek forgiveness, and commit to a new way forward.

This process will take time. Donโ€™t rush it. Healing is worth the wait. God will be with you.

Become New is here to help you grow spiritually one day at a time.

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